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7/14/08 02:30 pm

summer part i has been alright
summer part ii will be starting soon, and should be much better

open invitation to anyone who wants to come sit around my apartment and listen to records with me

5/27/08 09:27 pm

it's dark
the sun went down, the power's still out
it's cold
my blood barely flows
i'm alone
except for the sound of insects flying
they know
my red blood is warm still

4/14/08 03:38 pm

memory can only take you so far.
understanding is believing.
kindness will give you everything.

3/26/08 08:46 pm

PH 253  - Intro Modern Physics
PH 331 - Electricity and Magnetism I
MA 238 - Applied Differentiable Equations
MA 411 - Numerical Analysis and Matrix Theory I
UH 300 - Machiavellian History and Politics
CS 114 - Intro Computer Programming


3/24/08 11:37 pm

i mean, i don't do this that often but i want my friends to listen to team sleep
carter w first played them for me and i'm listening to them a lot right now
on my headphones, in my bed

3/21/08 12:20 am

blah blah blah
blab blab blab

laying down on the ground will make you realize that you're on a planet.  this is not flat ground.  i repeat, this is not flat ground.

thank you for your time and effort.

when i think about vectors, everything makes a lot of sense.  there's not a whole lot that's just in the x, y, or z direction. 

i'm sick of every asshole with an anything.

3/14/08 01:43 am

god i wish i could
but i know i can't
so bring on
that cold sunrise

3/8/08 01:36 am

at one a.m. it snows on my face
as i walk around
from place to place

3/5/08 12:30 am

so now what's the big deal about beelzebub??
he was once just a kid like us..
and he grew up
to be just another scoundrel,
just another kid like us.

now, most of the time people speak to me about human things, i don't understand anything
and all i hear is the partial derivative with respect to x or gradients or saddle points

or iterated integrals

2/25/08 01:21 pm

last night i was sleepwalking and dreaming i had huge breasts
but i was walking around with my hand down my underwear
and i was thinking 'i can't be a woman because i still have a dick'
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